Our Work



  • Providing marketing management consultancy for the Tourism Council of Bhutan for their 5-year tourism plan.
  • Developing a strategic plan for capacity planning and development of the Bhutan tourism workforce to enhance the quality of service provision to high-yield tourists.
  • Guest lecturing at the Royal Institute of Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Addressing students on Global Tourism Trends, Sustainability of Tourism Development and Professional Development of Hospitality and Tourism Workforce.
  • Providing training and development for boutique hotels in the areas of marketing, branding and human resource development.

Sri Lanka

  • Panel and Guest Speaker at Tourism Conference in Sri Lanka addressing the topic: “Is Sri Lanka ready for global tourism? Trends and Challenges”.
  • Keynote speaker at National Hotel Management Conference 2015 addressing the topic: “Driving the Brandwagon in a Brandridden Hospitality Industry”.
  • Training and development of the professional development of human resources in the tourism trade.

Viluxur Group

  • Provide management support and strategic consul to Viluxur management team to grow company’s online business potential out of Singapore.
  • Advice on the development of the company’s services and business expansion opportunities.
  • Train and develop Viluxur’s travel consultants.
  • Assist in networking and collaboration with business partners and customers.

Ayurva Traveller

  • Appointed as Ayurva’s networking guru, special consultant and advisor.
  • Facilitate the growth of Ayurva’s business by connecting the managment team with experts in the tourism industry globally
  • Guide the team on evaluating and understanding tourist motivations and needs, strategic marketing and product management
  • Facilitate international supplier collaboration and management
  • Enhance service professionalism in the organisation

Training & Development

Elevated Consultancy & Training has conducted training sessions with international, regional and national public and private organisations such as the following:

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