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Elevated Consultancy & Training provides consultancy services to organisations to support them in attaining their goals, creating value through exploring various options and providing strategic solutions as well as recommendations to maximise growth potentials.

Tourism & Hospitality Organisations


Elevated Consultancy & Training works with DMOs to develop marketing campaigns that transform destinations into wholesome and unforgettable tourism experiences.

Drawing on broad based knowledge and a vast experience in the tourism industry, our consultants deliver fresh perspectives to an organisation’s issues and act as a catalyst for change. We create value for organisations through the provision of strategic solutions across different points of the business lifecycle – from the seed and development stage up to the post maturity stage. We specialise in guiding smaller and niche firms improve their business performances.


  • Identifying challenges, issues and gaps in organisations
  • Carrying out research and data collection to understand the current situation
  • Conducting analysis through the interpretation of qualitative and quantitative information
  • Interviewing the client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders
  • Running brainstorming sessions, focus groups and facilitating workshops
  • Generating business proposals and presentations
  • Presenting findings and recommendations to clients
  • Implementing recommendations / solutions and follow-up actions


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Current Consultancy Engagements - Elevated Consultancy & Training

Guest Speaking & Keynote Address

  • PRESENTER: Tourism Marketing and Product Development Strategies (2010)
    A 5-day seminar series organized by Saigon Tourism Organization to enhance the marketing skills of the tourism organization.
  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Destination Branding and Marketing Strategies (Bhutan, 2014)
    Service Excellence and Special Interest Product Development 3 days seminar organized by Tourism Council of Bhutan, to building professional human capacity in the country.
  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Charting a New Course in a Whole New World (Colombo, 2015)
    Presentation to 200 tourism and hospitality professionals on the challenges and opportunities in the industry in the next decade.
  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Driving your Brandwagon in a Brandridden Hospitality
    Industry (Colombo, 2015)
    Presentation during the inaugural National Hotel Management Conference 2015 to 400 senior hotel management professionals on branding and creating differentiation in the hotel business.
  • PRESENTER: Enhancing your employability in the tourism and hospitality industry (Singapore, 2015)
    Public seminar organized by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) highlighting the job opportunities in the industry and the competencies and skills required to prepare to enhance employability.
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ITB Asia Singapore 2015 - Nisha

National Hotel Management Conference 2015 - Nisha

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