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Elevated Consultancy & Training adopts a systematic 4-step approach tailored to ensure that the right solutions are provided to meet your unique needs.

Our Approach - Elevated Consultancy & Training

4-Step Systematic Approach

Step 1: Training Needs Analysis
We will consult with you to identify training needs at employee, departmental, or organizational level to better understand existing problems and to ensure that training solutions are tailored to organisational objectives and delivered in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Step 2: Customised Solutions
Once needs are identified and problems diagnosed, our team will then submit a customised proposal that focuses on delivering targeted training aimed at elevating individual/group strengths and identifying/removing barriers to success and performance.

Step 3: Training Delivery
All training will be conducted by an experienced and credentialed team passionate about facilitating change. Training will be comprehensive, market-driven and performance-based aimed at enhancing professional and personal competence.

We aim to inspire learning amongst our clients and equip them with relevant skills through action and experiential learning.

Our training concepts and methodologies:

• Group discussions and activities
• Hands-on exercises and application
• Personality and Behavioral Profiling
• Group presentations of solutions based on scenarios provided
• Personal goal setting
• Practical role play
• Games and quizzes

Step 4: Post-Training Assessment
At Elevated Consultancy & Training, we are just as committed to evaluating and improving our training programmes as we are in conducting the needs analysis and preparing our proposal.

Effectiveness of the impact of training will be assessed according to:

• Participant feedback and reaction
• Learning evaluation conducted by the trainer
• Application to the job
• Evaluation of the impact of training

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